Prosecutor Says Lori Loughlin Will Likely Receive A ‘Higher Sentence’ Than Felicity Huffman In College Admissions Scandal Trial! – Perez Hilton

Lori Loughlin should be expecting While he admitted it’s still “tough to tell” what’s legally in store for Loughlin, he confirmed she

As we reported, the 55-year-old allegedly paid admissions consultant William “Rick” Singer $500,000 to have her daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, designated as crew team recruits for USC, even though neither had ever played the sport. 

Huffman, on the less culpable hand, only paid $15,000 to Singer to get someone to correct her daughter’s answers to the SAT testWilliam H. Macy’s wife was bound to face less jail time because the alleged payments were different; but her sentence was also more lenient because she memorably took a plea deal back in May, while Loughlin and hubby Mossimo Giannulli refused to plead guilty.

In addition to the 14 days in prison, Felicity was fined $30,000 and will have to do 250 hours of community service. Loughlin, meanwhile, is said to be thinking her only move is to go to court and prove she’s not guilty of what she’s charged with.

Only time will tell how much time she’ll have to serve!

Watch the US Attorney’s interview (below) to hear more on Operation Varsity Blues.

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